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Vermont Dental Hygienists: Licensed Dental Practitioner Update: We Need Your Help Now!

February 22, 2014

After hearing several weeks of testimony for and against the Licensed Dental Practitioner bill, the Governmental Operations Committee voted 4-1 to move S.35 to the Senate floor for debate and vote. VDHA strongly supports this legislation, and as a member of VDHA now is the time to make your voice heard.


Please contact your Senator by phone to let them know you support S.35 either at their home on Mondays or weekday evenings, or at the State House Tuesday through Friday. If you cannot reach your Senator directly you may leave a message with the Sargent at Arms at 802 828 2228.


This bill proposes a new member of the dental team that will be based solely on a registered dental hygienist who is educated to provide the RDH scope of practice in addition to some restorative procedures. Education for the LDP in Vermont is proposed as a 12 month full time curriculum for an already registered dental hygienist with an additional 400 hours minimum of field experience under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. The purpose of the provider is to increase access to dental care for the significant portion of Vermont’s population that is now unable to secure care in a traditional dental setting.


If you have questions about the provider or the bill itself, please contact VDHA Legislative Chair Sheila Bannister at Thank you for supporting the professional organization that works for YOU!